MT16 Mini Scan Engine

Most Economical 1D barcode scanning

MT16 is a miniaturized scan engine that is designed to deliver good performance of 1D barcode scanning in the most economical way. With small size and 3.3V low power voltage, MT16 scan engine can be easily integrated with specific applications such as access control, lottery kiosk and consumer electronics.

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Compact Form Factor

MT16 scan engine is designed with a compact form factor that is most needed in mobile applications where space is limited. With the small size of W14 x L10 x H9.5 mm and the weight of less than 1 gram, MT16 provides unparalleled flexibility for product design and fits into the housing of most space-constrained consumer products such as coffee machines, blood pressure meters, and electronic scales.
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barcode scanner engine

Mobile-Friendly Scanning

MT16 scan engine, with enhanced optical design and latest decode algorithm, virtually scans 1D barcode on any surface, either paper-based label or mobile phone display. With MT16 integrated into mobile device, users may expand their business into many new applications such as eCoupon, eTicket, Digital ID cards and mobile payments.

barcode scan module

Ambient Light Immunity

MT16 automatically adjusts its parameters for optimal scanning performance which provides the freedom to scan barcodes from under complete darkness to direct sunlight. With ambient light immunity MT16 scan engine allows user to perform barcode scanning tasks from indoor to outdoor environment.

barcode scan engine

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

With a minimal structure design, MT16 scan engine not only resolves the problem of adding a module into the space-constraint housing of mobile device or consumer product but provides good performance of 1D barcode scanning at a fairly economical cost while saving the total power consumption at the same time.
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Optical & Performance
Light Source 625nm visible red LED
Sensor Linear Image Sensor
Scan Rate 180 Scans/ sec
Resolution 5Mil/ 0.125mm
Scan Angle 41°
Pitch Angle ±30°
Skew Angle ±40°
Roll Angle ±20°
Print Contrast 30%
Width of Field 105mm (13Mil Code128C)
Typical D.O.F*
(@ 800 Lux)
  • Code 128
  • 5 Mil  : 45 ~ 60 mm
  • 10.4 Mil: 70 ~ 125 mm
  • 13 Mil: 90 ~ 170 mm
  • 15.6 Mil: 100 ~ 190 mm
Physical Characteristics
Dimension W14 x L10 x H9.5 mm
Weight 1g
Color Black
Material PC
Connector 8pin Gold Fingers
Cable N/A
Operation Voltage 3.3±0.15VDC
Working Current < 75mA
Standby Current < 25mA
Idle Current (Sleep Mode) < 500uA
Interface/ Profile
  • UART
User Environment
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 50°C
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 60°C
Humidity 0% ~ 95%RH (Non-condensing)
Drop Durability 1.5M
Ambient Light 70,000 Lux (Sunlight)
Decode Capability
1D Symbologies Code 128 or any single symbology
ESD Functional after 4KV contact, 8KV Air discharge
(requires housing that is designed for ESD protection and stray from electric fields)
Safety Approval TBA
Environmental WEEE, RoHS 2.0
Out Of Box
Screw Tapping Screw, T1.7x3mm
(P/N: 4235-1703X51, QTY: 2)
“ Need a custom product ? Please tell us your requirements.”
* Those D.O.F are mean values.
** All Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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