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Marson was invited to the Lunar New Year gathering of Business Groups Activity

Taipei, Feb. 27, Mr. Morgan Liu the general manager was invited to participate in the "113th Lunar New Year Gathering of Business Groups of Taiwan" event, At the Lunar New Year celebration event attended by members of the country's eight major industrial associations, which returned this year after a four-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, President Tsai told industry and commerce representatives that the next government will continue the work of the present government on net-zero transformation and developing smart AI.

After being suspended for four years due to the epidemic, it resumed for the first time; Wu Dongliang expressed four major expectations on behalf of the business community, hoping that the new government would lead Taiwan to continue to move forward. First of all, AI drives a new wave of the global economy and creates new economic growth momentum in Taiwan. Secondly, net-zero carbon emissions have become a common goal of global sustainable development, and the proportion of renewable energy has increased year by year. Companies are planning green transformation and integrating ESG into their core competitiveness. They also hope that Taiwan can follow this green wave and create a new international economy.

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Marson was invited to the Lunar New Year gathering of industry & commerce Activity

台北2月27日,劉明昊 總經理應邀參加「113年中華民國工商團體春節聯誼」活動,在全國八大產業協會會員出席的農曆新年慶祝活動,本年會因COVID-19大流行而中斷四年後,蔡總統告訴工商代表,下一屆政府將繼續現任政府在淨零轉型和開發智慧人工智慧方面的工作。
工商界代表 吳東亮先生表達四大期許,盼新政府帶領台灣繼續向前。首先,AI 推動全球經濟新浪潮,是台灣創造新經濟成長動能。其次,淨零碳排成為全球永續發展共同目標,再生能源占比逐年提高。企業提前布局綠色轉型,將ESG納入核心競爭力,也期盼台灣能隨著這股綠色浪潮,打造國際新經濟。
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Publish Date: 2/27/2024

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