Marson release the 2D Rugged DPM Handheld Scanner MT8227

MT8227 Rugged DPM Handheld Scanner Unmatched Excellence in DPM Scanning
Achieve immediate capture of DPM (direct part marking) and virtually any 1D or 2D printed barcode with the MT8227 Rugged DPM Handheld Scanner. Designed to excel in challenging environments, this scanner is practically impervious to damage, boasting an enhanced 2M drop resistance to concrete and industrial-class IP65 sealing, increasing the effectiveness of employees in the manufacturing site who need to scan numerous DPM barcodes for quality and traceability control.

MT8227 DPM Handheld Scanner can capture all kinds of DPM barcode including dot peen marking, Laser etching, chemical etching, ink marking, and so on.

Key Feature:
- Unmatched Excellence in DPM Scanning
- Snappy 1D & 2D Barcode Data Capture
- Extraordinary DPM Scanning Capability
- Mobile-Friendly Scanning
- IP65 Industrial-class Protection
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Editing: Marcom Yang
Publish Date: 12/22/2023
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