Wireless Scanner swiftly Captures 2D/1D Barcodes, aiding Healthcare

MT820 / MT820M (#medical version) is designed to enable users to quickly capture any #2D #1D barcode data for healthcare and hygiene-sensitive applications that work on laptops, tablets, Smartphones, or other mobile devices. MT820 can help users operate around the clock with less downtime ensuring mobile productivity during the entire busy shift for more than 8 working hours.

Key Feature:
- Increasing Mobile Productivity
- Fast 1D & 2D Barcode Data Capture
- Anti-Microbial Scanner for Healthcare
- Flexible Operations Data Collection
- Scanning Barcode Anytime, Anywhere

- Inventory
- HealthCare
- Mobile POS
- Field Service
Product Page:

Marson release the 2D Mini Wireless Scanner MT820

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Editing: Marcom Yang
Publish Date: 6/14/2023
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