LED indicator and corresponding situations

Cabled Scanner:
Green/Blue LED off: Standby or No power
Green/Blue LED on for 1 second: Power up
Green/Blue LED on for 2 seconds: Good read

Wireless Scanner:
Green LED off: Bluetooth connected
Green LED keeps flashing: Bluetooth disconnected (Discoverable)
Green LED flashes twice: Successful Bluetooth connection
Green LED on for 2 seconds: Good read
Red LED off: Battery in good condition
Red LED keeps flashing: Low power
Red LED on for 2 seconds: Power up
Red LED stays on: Battery is being charged

Charging Cradle:
Blue LED off: Bluetooth disconnected
Blue LED stays on: Bluetooth connected
Green LED off: (1) No scanner is being charged (2) Scanner is fully charged
Green LED keeps flashing: Scanner is being charged
Red LED off: No power supply
Red LED stays on: With power supply

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